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Rolfing® Structural Integration


Lori Tennant

Certified Rolfer® and

Certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner

Rolfing® Structural Integration is different than Massage Therapy in that it is a more active process. The focus is on a structured approach for going through the body and addressing what is going on in the fascia and connective tissue. Most people find that they are comfortable in session in their underwear (bra and panties for women), but some prefer shorts or a two piece bathing suit. Some of the sessions have you turning different ways on the table and actively moving to try and open up places in your body that could use more mobility. Which sessions involve more active movement is very specific to you individually and relates to where you are tight.


"At the beginning of a session and at the end, I often ask folks to walk back and forth across the room a few times so that I can see how the work we are doing is integrating into their body. The goal isn't just for you to feel better and more relaxed on the table, but to be able to take that new freedom and comfort out into the world and your life. When I watch someone walk and move, it gives me insight into the larger patterns of tightness within their body. That information helps me be more effective during the sessions."






Many people find the Rolfing Method relaxing. The focus of the work is not relaxation, but change, and new options for your body to try. The sessions are often relaxing; but that is just a perk and a pleasant side effect. Most clients don't find Rolfing SI any more challenging or uncomfortable than deep tissue massage work. Rolfing SI sessions tend to last from an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half.






Lori's Rolf Movement® Practitioner Biography

Lori Tennant has been working on bodies for twenty years. After being a massage therapist for seventeen years, she decided to pursue her career-long interest in Structural Integration by becoming a certified Rolfer at the Rolf Institute® in Colorado in 2007. She considers becoming a Rolfer, to be one of the great adventures of her life. Her enthusiasm for learning more about this powerful style of body work took her to Brazil in 2008 for Certification in Rolf Movement® Integration.


In her mid twenties the needs of her own body led her to explore Rolfing® Method. She had heard many stories of profound change, and was dealing with chronic pain in her mid back. After her first session, she had more freedom to breathe deeply, and she was hooked. The work that followed changed her posture, her stride, and how she felt in her body. The world suddenly seemed a more buoyant and friendly place to fluidly move through. She knew that she wanted to share that experience with other people, so she headed out to Colorado to expand her education. Becoming a Rolfer has added a new passion and depth of knowledge to her work.